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Mass Traffic Attack - Part 25. Combining and Rewriting Your Content

Chapter 10 - What To Write When You Know Nothing About The Subject 
It's OK writing articles when you know something about the subject in hand. The words will flow fairly easily and your knowledge will stand out. 
But what happens if you want to promote a particular product and you feel you don't know enough about it to write a series of articles? Well that's where the “5 Paragraph Plan” from earlier in the ebook comes in: 
  • Paragraph 1 - Introduction (tell them what you are going to tell them)
  • Paragraph 2 - Point A
  • Paragraph 3 - Point B
  • Paragraph 4 - Point C
  • Paragraph 5 - Summary (tell them what you have just told them)
Rather than talking about theory, let's look at a real life example of an article I wrote some time ago. It's about Plendil, a pill for reducing high blood pressure, a subject I know almost nothing about. 
Plendil - What You Need To Know 
If you’re suffering from high blood pressure problems, there is a good likelihood that at some point your doctor will prescribe the drug Plendil. There would seem to be many success stories about its effectiveness, which is all fine and good but is it actually going to work for you? No doubt this is something you have been asking yourself so let’s examine the evidence and find out a little bit more about this medication before we take the plunge. 
Some facts about Plendil 
First of all you will often find it referred to by its generic name, Felodipine. Plendil is manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Astra Merck and is used as a treatment for hypertension (high blood pressure) and angina (chest pain). This drug is part of a group of drugs commonly referred to as calcium channel blockers that go to work by relaxing the body’s blood vessels. It is usually prescribed in 3 different sizes of tablet - 2.5mg, 5mg and 10mg. The recommendation is that it is not kept refrigerated, just in an airtight container where damp and excess heat cannot get to it. 
Is it safe for me to take this with other drugs? 
Always seek your doctor’s approval before mixing Plendil with other medications. Never take this drug together with beta blockers for the very simple reason that this combination can actually reduce your blood pressure by a dangerous amount, and you will then find yourself with too low a blood pressure reading. Avoid taking Plendil together with either Digoxin or Cimetidine; such a blend can cause what would have been potentially minor side effects to become much worse. 
How should I take Plendil? 
The important thing to remember with this drug is that because every patient reacts in a different way it is difficult to give anything more than general advice. Discuss everything with your doctor, and take the treatment in accordance with their instructions. However on a non-specific level, the following is good advice. Do not take it together with grapefruit juice, neither crush nor chew the 
tablets because this will reduce their effectiveness. There is no restriction as to when you can take it, some medications require you to only take your dose on a full stomach - with Plendil it doesn’t matter. 
In conclusion there is no doubt that Plendil has a good reputation in fighting high blood pressure. It is easy to take - the fact that you can take it either with or without food means that the impact on your current lifestyle will be minimal. Naturally the usual safety warnings apply, as is the case with all prescription drugs. All in all though, if you are looking for an effective solution to high blood 
pressure problems there is sufficient evidence showing that Plendil will fit the bill. 
About the Author 
Paul Power is a keen researcher of blood pressure treatments including Plendil. He runs a successful website dedicated to exposing the truth about various drugs being used to fight blood pressure problems. To get a lot more great free tips, special discount deals and much more, go to Paul's site at 
That is a review article about the drug Plendil. It is aimed at those people suffering from high blood pressure and who have heard about Plendil and are looking for more information. Notice that there is some very specific information contained in there. I got ALL of that from the manufacturer's web site. 
Remember that I mentioned to aim for 4 sentences per paragraph? The eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted that the first paragraph contains only 3 sentences, whilst others actually contain 5. It's not a hard and fast rule, merely a target. Sometimes you can't find enough to write to put in that extra sentence, other times 4 sentences aren't quite enough to make the article flow properly. 
Notice I've also used titles for each paragraph. That is something you may want to try. I
don't always do that but in many cases I have found it just makes your article more reader friendly. It also has the bonus of dividing up your article into different sections. 
There were 3 things I wanted to do with this article: 
1. Give some general “technical information”
2. Answer the question - “can this drug be taken with other prescription pills?” 3. Answer the question - “how should this drug be taken?” 
Let's look at it more closely.
First Paragraph - introduction and telling the reader what you are going to tell them. 
Introduce the problem (if you're suffering from high blood pressure............... ) 
Second Paragraph - Point A, give “technical information”. Doing this adds credibility to an article and makes it look as though you know the subject. That's why I included it. All that information was taken direct from the manufacturer's site and rewritten, so I know it is
accurate. Because I am NOT an expert on the subject I didn't expand on those technical 
details. If however, the technical specifications of a product DO mean something to you then by all means expand on them, indeed make a whole article out of them. 
A good example may be if you're writing about a new mobile phone such as the iPhone 6 in a 
couple of years time :-). If you understand what a particular technical specification means, or why it is an advantage compared to other phones, then go ahead and write more about it. 
Third Paragraph - Point B. Here I write about whether Plendil can be taken together with other medication. I got all the information from the manufacturer's site. 
Fourth Paragraph - Point C. Again, with information found on the manufacturer's site I wrote about how best to take this medication and simply expanded that to cover 4 sentences. Not difficult this is it?! 
Conclusion - basically a quick summary of the 3 previous paragraphs with a recommendation to buy if the reader fits the criteria 
That's a formula that works pretty well if you're struggling to write something. Do a quick search on the subject you're writing about, find 3 points you can make, expand on them, and it won't take you much longer than 20 minutes to write a quality 400-500 word article. 
Another style that works pretty well is the “style”, i.e. “12 reasons why you must do....... ”. If you're doing that I would write a couple of introductory paragraphs, add my list in bullet form, and have a couple of summary paragraphs. Spend a bit of time browsing articles on Ezine Articles and you'll see what I mean. 
Finally, let's take a quick look at the Resource Box I used. Rather than scrolling back a few pages I'll just copy it here: 
About the Author 
Paul Power is a keen researcher of blood pressure treatments including Plendil. He runs a successful website dedicated to exposing the truth about various drugs being used to fight blood pressure problems. To get a lot more great free tips, special discount deals and much more, go to Paul's site at 
Far better than “click here for more information”, don't you think? You're probably
wondering how to create the anchor text for the Plendil link above. That's easy, all you
need do is insert some HTML code, change the relevant part, and copy and paste it into the Resource Box section when you submit your articles. 
Here's the code: 
<a href=“”>Anchor Text goes here</a> 
There are 2 things you need to change. First of all enter your web site address between the
2 quotation marks, but DON'T delete the quotation marks themselves. The second thing is to replace the text above -
Anchor Text goes here - with your own anchor text. This part
doesn't require quotation marks. 
So that's a real live example of an article written from scratch; I knew absolutely nothing about the subject before I started. Take a look at the main web site, look at other articles on the subject, select a few points you would like to write about. That's all there is to it! 

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